OS X & OS X Server

Apple's operating systems are renowned for being stable and intuitive but also very powerful. For a small to medium business the server app is an excellent tool for implementing services for both office and creative teams. The intuitive nature of the software reduces administrative overhead and user support instances compared to non Mac based environments.



Apple's shared storage solution is the foundation for creating collaborative workflows for video, allowing multiple users to simultaneously access and work with the same media.

The flexibility of XSAN allows it to be easily expanded in terms of storage capacity, bandwidth and connected client machines. XSAN is also by far he most cost effective high performance shared storage solution available, being free with OSX and OSX Server. Being simple to deploy and manage, extremely robust allows for XSAN system to experience significantly less of the downtime usually involved with making any changes to a storage system.

XSAN is based on Quantum's StorNext filesystem, providing an upgrade path where appropriate to full blown managed storage Solution using Quantum's Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM). Migrating from XSAN to Stornext is straightforward and lossless, ensuring the system can scale in terms of functionality as gracefully as XSAN already does in every other regard.



FCPX is Apple's latest generation NLE platform.

FCPX has taken an innovative approach to editing software and represents a piece of software designed to cater to the future of video editing. The performance gained by properly leveraging the hardware on modern machinery is astounding (and will no doubt be better still on the new Mac Pro!) and coupled with revolutionary changes to the way projects are stored makes FCPX the fasted NLE avaialable today. The addition of extensive and customisable metadata facilitates media management and is key to integrating FCPX into wider reaching workflows that inlude Asset Management solutions.

Video post production has changed significantly in recent years and more content is produced than ever before and consumed on a wider array of devices than ever before. FCPX embraces this kind of change and recognises that simplicity and ease of use are paramount to fast turnaround and distribution of content. This is a platform that reduces the barrier to entry for less technical users while providing a lightening fast, fully featured platfrom for specialist editors. This is the key to creating collaborative workflows where content needs to be repurposed and revisited by a variety of team members.

At 10dot1 we are able to help leverage FCPX and create seamless collaborative workflows that exploit the power and flexibility of this unique platform.


Asset Management

At 10dot1 we work closely with several companies specialising in creating Asset Management solutions. This an area we have grown into and become expert in over that last 4 years and we see this as an essential part of workflow design. Asset management systems facilitate more efficient management of all the components of a workflow and to leverage other system used by our clients to:

  • Easily make assets available business wide
  • Avoid repetition of work through integrations and automations
  • Provide self fulfilment for repurposing media
  • Expedite distribution of content
  • Manage archive and restoration processes

Asset management represents a significant shift in the way many companies and departments operate. The abstraction away from files and folders into a metadata led environment overcomes many of the problems associated with management content and creates a system that can truly scale in terms of catalog size and functionality. The asset management platforms we work with range from enterprise class multi site systems to workgroup appropriate systems. Our experience in the deployment of these systems helps our customers to avoid the pitfalls that can be associated with implementing systems on this scale. Our approach focuses on rapidly creating a useable system that can then be extended, expanded or replicated, enabling our clients to realise their goals in as short a timeframe as possible. When designing these systems we value simplicity in terms of architecture and user interface above all else.


The variety and choice of software applications available to day is extensive and many of our clients have existing systems in place that compliment the systems or workflows we are helping them build. Where necessary we are able to bridge the gaps between these systems with custom applications or integrations so that these discreet software systems can be presented as a single, seamless solution to users.

This may include avoiding duplicate data entry by populating metadata in an asset management solution when the information has already been entered into a scheduling or job management system, or integrating with a finance system to add a line item to a clients bill when a deliverable is processed. This kind of flexibility is the key to streamlining the way users work with a system and the potential to add value in this way is something that sets us apart from our competitors.


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