In recent years, there has been a shift that has seen IT take a more central role in virtually all aspects of the media industry. With tapeless environments slowly replacing tape based ones, storing data has become more critical and distribution formats more varied. There is an increased need for efficiency and automation.

This has led to the development of a vast number of IT tools available to improve workflows, from acquisition tools to NLE's, encoding engines and asset managment solutions. Choosing the best set of tools to implement and invest in is more important than ever.


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10dot1 is a consultancy company specialising in Apple solutions for the creative media industry. We can help our clients get the most out of existing systems and offer expert advice on the best way to move forward.

Our services include:

  • Consultancy and project planning (for networking, shared storage, asset management and workflows).
  • Troubleshooting existing builds.
  • Installation and deployment of hardware and software products.
  • On going maintenance and support.

At 10dot1 we pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our clients. Our clients trust the impartiality of our advice and know that can bounce ideas of us and together we can create systems that help their companies grow.

We firmly believe that the key to a successful implementation of a system is the relationship we have with the customer. An open dialogue enables us to design and deliver a solution that meets their requirements and we work with our clients until they have a system that works for all stakeholders, from creative users up to business teams.

We have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest companies in the UK, from a variety of industries, exposing us to a wide range of systems and with different objectives in mind. This experience, along with our professionalism and extensive knowledge of the products available puts us in an excellent position to advise our clients and help them to realise their goals in a time and cost effective manner.

Examples of our clients, all of which are happy to recommend us, include:

  • BBC Motion Gallery
  • BD Network
  • ESPN
  • Google
  • Impossible Pictures
  • The Mill
  • MUTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Ogilvy
  • Tomboy Films
  • Unit
  • Viasat
  • 360 Production

Our client base has grown consistently over the last 6 years and the variety and scope of the work we do has furthered our ability to help new clients.

"Without 10dot1, my ideas and concepts would remain just that. They willingly take on all my challenges no matter how complicated and never fail to deliver - if I could get them to streamline my personal life, I would."

Neil Evely, Head of Operations for Brand and Studio, The Mill.

"10dot1 are a very talented and dynamic young company that is going to grow from strength to strength. They remind me of a young me!"

Jan-Hendrik Hein, Broadcast Operations Manager, Nickelodeon.

"We were extremely impressed with 10dot1's knowledge and their professional delivery when they helped us build a system that grew as we did. When we expanded to Derry, there was only one company that we would turn to and they implemented everything without any fuss."

Mark Wright, Head of Production, Impossible Pictures & 360 Production.

"Working with 10dot1 is always a pleasure. They offer great advice, do top work, and are really friendly on top of all that. It's clear that they take great pride in their work and want to leave a good impression of their company, which they do. They are clearly busy guys but always have time to answer your queries and make you feel confident in the investment you have made in your systems."

Ollie Tann, Creative Services IT Manager, Ogilvy Advertising.

"I am really happy with the work 10dot1 do for us. Their in depth experience, not only with Macs but also with the workings of post production companies, has been vital to us. They understand that we have urgent deadlines and that time is critical - their rapid response time has helped us out of a jam on more than one occasion."

Glynis Murray, Managing Director, Tomboy Films.

"When dealing with 10dot1, you know you're talking to people who are listening to what you want, not just rolling out a generic system. Their extensive knowledge of enterprise scale production systems made it easy for me to discuss our needs, and get invaluable input on my system designs. They have enabled me to realise what I had in mind and more, by developing a custom application which has elegantly filled an otherwise annoying gap in the workflow. Their flexibility and availability has been fundamental for us to achieve so much, working in and around such a busy live environment."

Davide Cimmarrusto, Post-Production Technical Supervisor, Viasat Broadcasting UK Ltd.

"We use 10dot1 on a regular basis and their expertise and knowledge has proved invaluable on multiple occasions. Their understanding of our business and what we wanted to achieve was exactly what we needed when we upgraded our infrastructure. Regardless if it's been about San's, OS X, Open directory or Windows they have been a wealth of knowledge and always willing to share it. The fact that they are very nice people and are dedicated to their business partners has made them a pleasure to work with."

Tobias Hall, Senior System Analyst, BD-NTWK Ltd.

"We have a large SAN and need to maintain a high level of service for all our clients and 10dot1 have helped us to achieve that. From basic support to complex integration and expansion of our storage, they are brilliant at what they do."

Adam Luckwell, CEO, Unit Post Production Ltd


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